Sunday, November 27, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving

Wrapping up another of this year's projects

 Seated Miniatures

Putting all the tables in the house together and opening up the living room so you can fit everyone for Thanksgiving!  Only afterwards did I realise the Citadel FS seated folk had snubbed the invitation.

Mithril and a couple of Citadel in the top row

Metal magic, Heritage, Grenadier and Fantascenes

Turnkey and a few resin prints (mostly RNEstudio) and one more Grenadier on the Bottom row

Still room for a few more..

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Simply Monsterous

This post is all Monsters.

Click on the images to enlarge


Grenadier - Dragonmen - 1984 to 1988
Fantasy Lords - Series 1 sets 117, 125, 153
and Series 2 set 036

Couple of close up from 153 Dragonmen Command

And neatly layed out in their storage tray.

Mimics Old and New

In front Ral Partha Official D&D set 11-456 by Dave Summers 
Barrel Chair, Bed and Chest Mimics
Note the non mimic version of each peice were in the RP imports range
I dont have the chest, I would get it but I have sooo many chests.

In the back resin 3D prints from Epic.
While many 3D sculpts dont play well with old minis, due to size or horribly realistc proportions,  I'm finding furniture and monsters that fit in just fine. These Epic figs painted up very nicely.

Creature Assortment

This random assortment of "monsters I felt like painting" was selected at the beging of the year and heavily favored Grenadier and John Dennett Sculpts.

Grenadier MM62 Owl Beast

Pinnicle (so Grenadier really) Vermillion Dragon 

Grenadier FL135 Umberbulk

Grenadier 2010c Vegetation Beast

Ral Partha 02-901 Hydra 1982

Grenadier MM39 Juggernaut 

Sneaking in the new - Trapdoor spider 
by Schlossbauer - avaiable on Thingiverse

Group Shot

Also shown:
Grenadier 2010f Log Leech
Grenadier 2010 i Basilisk
Grenadier MM54 Naga
Ral Partha 01-097 Grendel

So, as planned, the whole one-Citadel-figure-a-week fell off this year after an 11 year run. 
It will be back

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Too Many Projects


I actually finished something..

More Fantasy Tribe Trolls

Click on images to enlarge

FTT9 - Citadel 1981 - Tom Meier 

Giant half Troll Champion in Ornate Classical Armour with Sword and Shield

Do I believe Tom intended this to be a troll - Nope - His other trolls are below, a titan maybe, or perhaps it was a foray into 54mm scale (its pretty close). Who knows, but it aint a troll IMHO.

FTT 1 thru 6 - Citadel 1981 - Tom Meier 

Too Many Projects

Its been an odd 6 months - I started too many projects this year and have been distractly switching between them but getting none of them finished. I like to wrap up everything i've started by the end of the year and start fresh. But I'm now at the point where I've started more figures than there are days left in the year, so somethings going to have to give. 

I dont typically show in progress pics but i thought i'd share all the pieces i've started in 2022:

Buildings - Mix of Tapletop World resin, 3D prints, & Reaper ruins and chapel
Shelving these for completion next year. Most are good enough to use but I know they are not done.

Wood Elf Warmaster Army - Resin 3D prints - by Forest Dragon
(and some scenery by others)
Close enough to finish so I can pick an opposing force to paint next year

Seated NPC's Various manufacturers - enough to fill a tavern.
Maybe I'll get these finished.

NPC's Various manufacturers (Citadel and Metal Magic)
Based and base coated - these are getting shelved for now

Mimics old and new and a couple of monsters who fit the pallette.
These are close and will definately get done.

Grenadier Dragonmen
So much fun to paint - these are going to get done.

Hmmm - Lots to - Cheers!

Friday, April 29, 2022


 Seems like a month and a half went by without finishing anything! Working on monsters and npc figures, specifically seated ones. Finally some pieces made it off the paint table.., 

Assorted pre-slotta trolls

C28 Giant

Experiment - This post made entirely on my phone 

Monday, March 7, 2022

February Stuff

In February I went back to trying to clear out the corner of my lead pile filled with accessories, scatter and stuff. Trying to focus on the metals but I found a few resin and plastic pieces I had started so the effort got a little hijacked. There is an age range of about 40 years in these pieces, from old lead to home resin prints. 


Shot Tower studios (even the cat)   

TTG - Table Top Games

I have TTG's food items and dinner wear but not their bigger table to put them on.

Metal Magic

Assorted Metal - From front to back - Citadel table and chest, Redoubt table and dinnerwear, Grenadier stuff on the right, Unknown stuff on the left, Sign posts from the Bruegelberg, Day at the Fair Kickstarter. 

Chests - Plastic game pieces, Don't know the games but they are large enough for Heroquest. 


Resin - large door by Fenryll, bar and counter by Fantasy Forge, magic Mouth doorways by Zealot.

Resin Prints: Fireplace by Loot Studios, Bed and Cauldron by V Victus, I need to start writing these down more as I have no clue who sculpted the heroic scale woodpile or the tiny doorway. The astrolabe is plastic, by Mantic  

Repainted prepainted Plastics - Doorways by Wizkids

And finally something animate:
Resin Print - Pile of Books Mimic by Dog-Einstein 

Finished in February in total:


Saturday, February 5, 2022

Kicking off 22 with some larger monsters

Not the only miniatures I worked on in January, but the ones I finished.

Something Old  

Minifigs AD&D Greyhawk series - 64 Aquatic Dragonnel

75mm Base

This wonderful creature was a Christmas present from my Old School miniatures Secret Santa. I had never seen it before but vowed to make it the first thing I painted this year. So it has been released from its packaging after 40 years and can be found lurking in coastal shallows and estuaries. 

Something New

Reaper Miniatures - Carnivorous Pudding 4406 -  Julie Guthrie 2019

Produced in smoke colored translucent plastic this giant beast required very little effort.
I magnetized it to allow it to be used off the 75mm base.

Something Borrowed

Grenadier - Fantasy Lords 138 Hippogriff - 1983

Color selection 100% stolen from the amazing Steve Dean 
(but I cant get close to his wonderfully clean style). See page 2 of the link below.

Some Blue Things

These dragons came to me painted - rather than strip them I opted to use the original color as a basecoat and rebase, repair and tweak.

Citadel DG4 - Black Dragon - Tom Meier 1984

Reaper - Cavern Crawler 02730 - Bob Olley

Date, as ever with Reaper, a mystery.