Saturday, October 22, 2022

Too Many Projects


I actually finished something..

More Fantasy Tribe Trolls

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FTT9 - Citadel 1981 - Tom Meier 

Giant half Troll Champion in Ornate Classical Armour with Sword and Shield

Do I believe Tom intended this to be a troll - Nope - His other trolls are below, a titan maybe, or perhaps it was a foray into 54mm scale (its pretty close). Who knows, but it aint a troll IMHO.

FTT 1 thru 6 - Citadel 1981 - Tom Meier 

Too Many Projects

Its been an odd 6 months - I started too many projects this year and have been distractly switching between them but getting none of them finished. I like to wrap up everything i've started by the end of the year and start fresh. But I'm now at the point where I've started more figures than there are days left in the year, so somethings going to have to give. 

I dont typically show in progress pics but i thought i'd share all the pieces i've started in 2022:

Buildings - Mix of Tapletop World resin, 3D prints, & Reaper ruins and chapel
Shelving these for completion next year. Most are good enough to use but I know they are not done.

Wood Elf Warmaster Army - Resin 3D prints - by Forest Dragon
(and some scenery by others)
Close enough to finish so I can pick an opposing force to paint next year

Seated NPC's Various manufacturers - enough to fill a tavern.
Maybe I'll get these finished.

NPC's Various manufacturers (Citadel and Metal Magic)
Based and base coated - these are getting shelved for now

Mimics old and new and a couple of monsters who fit the pallette.
These are close and will definately get done.

Grenadier Dragonmen
So much fun to paint - these are going to get done.

Hmmm - Lots to - Cheers!