Friday, January 12, 2018

Fantasy Tribe Orcs

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Fantasy Tribe Orcs - FT0 Series - April 1982

Most of this range were issued with over 20 different head variations

FTO14 was a late addition - Single pose - separate shield 

FTO15 was issued by Ral Partha in the US - Single Pose 
(which is why I missed him - I'll add him when I get to the C Series Orcs)

FTO6 has two distinct poses - The axe forward version is more typical

The axe on the wyvern rider is from my bits box (he came with a wire spear) 
I raised his saddle for a better pose

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Fantasy Tribe Dwarves

Fantasy Tribe Dwarves - FTD Series - 1981

The first 10 poses in this range were issued with around 20 or so different head variations

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FTD13 is The Dwarf With No Name
Previously issued in the WF range
You can see him here: 

Ral Partha releases (USA)