Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Accessories, Props, Scatter & Scenery

Since first posting Furniture and Accessories in 2017 it has been one of the most consistently popular hits on my blog. But that may just be the words in the title because I've had to deleate loads of comments that were trying to sell furniture. 

I dont have all of the peices released in the following collections from Citadel. But what I have is now painted. 

C39 Treasure Chests  (1984)

Mounted on washes as the small ones are tiny.

Chests on Square bases

DS3 Graveyard scene

7511 Tables

As well as all these nice Citadel pieces I have become so hooked on the stress free nature of painting furniture, doorways, and all of the other gubbins with which one can populate a 28mm fantasy world, its almost become a second hobby in its own right. 

Peices from many manufacturers and some 3D prints painted in 2020 amd 2021 respectively (there was more that didnt fit either of these pics, and I think only one thing managed to sneak into both pictures)

Furniture and accessories post from 2017:

Loads more accessories in the Citadel FS Range:

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Plastics Too

With this Blog now 10 years old I have been trying to wrap up some old projects this year. In 2017 I posted the heros from the various original "Quest" boardgames.

My HeroQuest set has been waiting 5 years for me to get back to it. The primary delay was that I wanted to have painted accessories rather than the original printed card. Various options had started to become available and this year I opted to enter the world of 3D printing specifically with HeroQuest furniture as an initial project for my bottom of the line Photon. 

The Monsters


 After some initial trial and error, my expectations of 3D printing were significantly exceeded. The universe of STL files and digital sculpts has been an enjoyable timesink. I really should have paid more attention initially to souces and sculptors as I dont know where many of these came from. Yes, I had a particularly squished copy of the fireplace so I cut out the portrait and the fire rather than paint them.

I also started on a few figs from another classic game (I never played); Dark World.

Over the last few years inexpensive plastics have been finding a place in my collection  Reaper Bones, Wizkids (even pre-painted), and miniatures from any game. - Mostly I focus on monsters. creatures and accessories because scale and proportion dont matter as much as with heros and NPCs - and these figures often have a very loose idea of scale. Consistent basing seems to be the key to make everything work together.

Reaper Bones

Various, mostly Wizkids