Sunday, March 12, 2023

Citadel Preslotta Orcs

Regiment of Renown RR5

Harboth and the Black Moutain Boys - 1984

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Box Set TA4 Orc War Machine


FTO Series - Fantasy Tribe Orcs 1982

 I first posted the Citadel FTO Fantasy Tribe Orc series 5 years ago. The photography was muddy and the paint scheme was a little dull. Despite that it has received more hits than any other post. 

Since I'm working through Citadel's other preslotta orcs at the moment I decided to brighten the FTO series a tad so they all match. 

Most of this range were issued with over 20 different head variations
FTO14 was a late addition - Single pose - separate shield 
FTO15 was issued by Ral Partha in the US - Single Pose

 The two FTE Fantasy Tribe Evil Leaders series are shown in the Citadel1993 Dragon Catalog 

The axe on the wyvern rider is from my bits box (he came with a wire spear) 
I raised his saddle for a better pose

My original dingy FTO post is here:

I hope to get the rest of my preslotta orcs painted this year.

The C15 Armoured Orcs are mostly base coated ready to split into smaller groups for detail work
I've based these for use in a regiment or two.

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Old Photographs

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Actual photographs so I suppose the "old" is unnecessary these days. I have a small stack of old photos of miniatures, some of which go back to high school. Photographing miniatures with a standard home camera in the 80s was bloody terrible: Set up the shots, take pictures, hand them off to be developed at your local Boots, wait several days, and then find you have paid for two sets of glossy 3 x 5's of..

 either underexposed (Marauder Townsfolk); 

or overexposed (Mithril, "anyway, here's Wonderwall");

 or you messed up the film and it didn't advance properly.
(Chronicle - Alchemist, assistant and work benches)

However they weren't all bad 

The pictures are a lovely remainder of teenage creative spirit and the classic look of shiny enamel paint.

My campaign centered around dark elves

Milliput modifications featured heavily

The newly released plastics were so easy and fun to modify.
I needed undead dark elves, so I made some.

I cannot imagine why I needed a skeletal dark elf chaos space marine...

I needed skeleton household servants, so I made those too.

And Drastik Plastik orcs were so much fun:

And here are a few of the others
Citadel High Elf v Heritage Succubus 

The mounted reaper had a badly cast leg so
spent many years in a mist of cotton wool

Grenadier Centaur

Grenadier Dragonmen I repainted last year

Essex monk attempting to turn chaos escargot.
Real shell with milliput body and 54mm scale Viking parts. 
This I no longer have, most of the others above have survived.

Its the beginning of the year and I have started basing projects.
You can expect lots of Citadel pre-slotta this year.