Thursday, December 14, 2023

Citadel's Preslotta Goblins - Progress


Preslotta Goblins - Update 1

Progress - a little aquisition, lots of basing goblins, a smidge of painting, and several happy autumn distractions like fixing my old Mordheim buildings, and printing and painting buildings for a small less damaged city, also paying some attention to a couple of trays of neglected NPC figures to populate cities and villages, ruined or otherwise.

Here's where I've got to on the gobbo's:

Click photos to enlarge

FF20- FF23 Goblins 1980

FF64 & 65 Goblin Girl and Children 1981

FF Series Goblins - Replacements

FF21 Night Goblin with Morning Star 1982 (also released in the first Dungeon Monsters Starter Pack box set)

FF63-2 Goblin Commander 1982

My entire set of painted FF Figures can be seen here:

Box set - SS4 Goblin Raiding Party (10) 1982 - based 20mm for regiment

A couple of FTE - Evil Leaders 1982
Night Goblin Warlord and Chieften

Grimgong the Goblin Chieftain
Dungeon Monsters Box set 1983

Chorsheema the Impaler, Goblin Champion
Box Set CP1: Bryan Ansell's Chaos Marauders 1983

C21 Wolf Rider 1983 (I dont think this one belongs with the gnolls) 

First Compendium C13 Night Goblins 1983

These 4 goblin figs were FTN Gnomes in the US catalog

Additional First Compendium C13 Night Goblins 1983

Also Added among the goblins in the first compendium: 

a standard bearer that fits nicely with earlier releases

Goblin Priest with Mace - FTG15 in the 1984 US catalog

Regiment of Renown - RR3 Groms Goblin Guard 1984 (4 unique) 

C27 Goblin Mutants 1984 (set of 10) 

C27 Goblin Fanatics (Set of 7) 1984 

Second Compendium C13 Night Goblins 1984 (set of 10)

Gobbledigook from White Dwarf Personalities box set 1984 

Not just a goblin, The Goblin

Not based - he is still kept with the rest of the set in the box in the plastic liner celebrating the 50th issue of White Dwarf

Regiment of assorted goblins

Who made the list

Once a goblin like figure is named as a trollkin, a giak, a red orc, a gnoll or a lesser goblin it does

not become a goblin just because it was bundled into the C13 night goblin range.

Once a goblin is released as a goblin it does not become a gnome because its labled that way in the US catalog a few months later

If on the other hand it was released as a gnoll and it looks like a goblin and is unlike all the other gnolls then as far as I'm concerned its a goblin.

In other words it all comes down to personal perception, memory and general inability to accept change.

Monday, August 7, 2023

Citadel's Preslotta Goblins - A Start

I'm moving on to Citadel's Preslotta Goblins

Trying to compile a complete list of Citadel preslotta goblins released after Fiend Factory is something of a challenge. It includes the following:

Box set - SS4 Goblin Raiding Party (10)
Regiment of Renown - RR3 Groms Goblin Guard (4 unique)
C21 Wolf Riders (the ones that are not gnolls)
C27 Goblin Mutants (set of 10)
C27 Goblin Fanatics (Set of 7) (possible overlap with C13)
A couple of the late FTG/C12 figs that are more goblin than gnoll 
A couple of FTE - Evil Leaders
A couple from assorted monster box sets (overlap with FF)
Second Compendium C13 Night Goblins (set of 10)
FTN Gnomes/Night goblins 
(4 goblin figs of the 6 listed in the Ral Partha Imports catalogue US) 

and then we get to

First Compendium C13 Night Goblins

Which are a mess!

The Dragon Catalogue listed them but didn't illustrate them

and the First Compendium shows relatively new night goblins mixed with goblins from at least 7 other sets

Click on the images to enlarge them

I thought about trying to label the catalog page as provided but decided it would be better to reorganize as follows:

So...   Have I missed any?

I'd be interested to hear if I'm mistaken about anything listed above

(I'm not including the Runequest Trollkin or the Lesser goblins)

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Creatures large and small


Click on pictures to enlarge

Creatures, monsters, critters, creepy crawlies etc. just like with dungeon accessories, I'm decidely not picky. This means I can still walk into a gamestore and come away happy. 

I'm super picky about humans and fantasy races - particulary proportions - Just as well I'm rarely looking for these...  sigh.

At the beginning of the year I filled two trays with a selection of monsters I wanted to paint (in a few cases repaint) and have been graduly working through them. Being able to switch around keeps larger projects like the orcs from my last post from becoming a chore. 

In the spirit of this blog I'll start with the Citadel preslottas but further down you find a mix of old and new metals, plastics, and some resin prints.

Citadel Miniatures

C22 Cave Lion, 1984 (40mm base)

C22 Giant Shrew, 1984 (30mm base)

C22 Chos Hound, 1984 (40mm base)

C22 Sabre Tooth Tiger, 1984 (30mm base)

C29 Spined Young Dragon 1985 (40mm base)
I painted the hatchling some time ago.

C29 Creepy Crawlies, 1983 

The C29 Creepy Crawlies included FF57 Giant Snakes (2) and Beetles FS40-2 (3) from previous ranges.

A fun set of tiny figs with loads of charm. These are the figures added in the C29 release minus 3 that I have never felt the need to hunt down: a 2nd scorpion and a 2nd bat that are both very similar to the ones I have, and an imp in an odd disco pose. (bases 15-30mm)  
Addenda: There are also two small crabs in this range I'll have to track down at some point. 

Vicious Giant Wolf (40mm base)
Monsters Starter Set BC2 1985

Giant Scorpion C29 1987 (75mm base) 

If you linked here from a Citadel/Oldhammer group you're done 
The rest ain't Citadel or GW

A large variety of manufacturers, materials, ages and sizes and colors.

FM62 Giant Tick (30mm base)

 Baby Dragon-046 (40mm base)
Superior Models

Shadowrun 20-527 Toxic Earth Spitit  (75mm base)
Ral Partha 1993

If you Linked here from the Old School miniatures group - time to go - the rest are less than 30 years old

Metal Miniatures

FGV357 Blade Dog and Paper Construct
Northstar Miniatures 2022

I love the paper construct. A familiar thats increadly fragile and vulnerable but able to be slipped under a door, hidden in a book, and used as a tissue in emergencies. 

DM30 Brain Mole (20mm base)
So tiny!

2639 Manticore (75mm base)
Reaper Miniatures 2002

If you believe all miniatures should be metal - it's time to go - the rest are made of other stuff.

One Piece Plastic Game Miniatures

Giant spider (20mm base)
Giant Scorpion (30mm base)
Conan Game - Monolith - 2016

Chaos Beast  (50mm integral base)
Descent, Altar of Despair expansion 
Fantasy Flight Games - 2006

71219 Blink Dogs (25mm bases)
Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures
D&D - Wizkids - 2017

72558 Spiders (30mm bases)
Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures
D&D - Wizkids - 2017

Hell Hound
Dungeon Saga - Denizens of the Abyss
Mantic Games 2016

Giant Spider (75mm base)
Massive Darkness - Guillotine Games/CMON 2017

If you think home printed resin miniatures dont belong in a blog that supposed to be focused on very old lead dont go any further.

Shambling Mound
Loot Studios 2021

Assassin Vine
Loot Studios 2021

Treant (60mm base, 130mm tall)
Loot Studios 2021

And finally there is this guy - commercial resin print from some sort of holiday village? (30mm base)

Cheers and happy painting