Monday, March 7, 2022

February Stuff

In February I went back to trying to clear out the corner of my lead pile filled with accessories, scatter and stuff. Trying to focus on the metals but I found a few resin and plastic pieces I had started so the effort got a little hijacked. There is an age range of about 40 years in these pieces, from old lead to home resin prints. 


Shot Tower studios (even the cat)   

TTG - Table Top Games

I have TTG's food items and dinner wear but not their bigger table to put them on.

Metal Magic

Assorted Metal - From front to back - Citadel table and chest, Redoubt table and dinnerwear, Grenadier stuff on the right, Unknown stuff on the left, Sign posts from the Bruegelberg, Day at the Fair Kickstarter. 

Chests - Plastic game pieces, Don't know the games but they are large enough for Heroquest. 


Resin - large door by Fenryll, bar and counter by Fantasy Forge, magic Mouth doorways by Zealot.

Resin Prints: Fireplace by Loot Studios, Bed and Cauldron by V Victus, I need to start writing these down more as I have no clue who sculpted the heroic scale woodpile or the tiny doorway. The astrolabe is plastic, by Mantic  

Repainted prepainted Plastics - Doorways by Wizkids

And finally something animate:
Resin Print - Pile of Books Mimic by Dog-Einstein 

Finished in February in total: