Friday, April 29, 2022


 Seems like a month and a half went by without finishing anything! Working on monsters and npc figures, specifically seated ones. Finally some pieces made it off the paint table.., 

Assorted pre-slotta trolls

C28 Giant

Experiment - This post made entirely on my phone 

Monday, March 7, 2022

February Stuff

In February I went back to trying to clear out the corner of my lead pile filled with accessories, scatter and stuff. Trying to focus on the metals but I found a few resin and plastic pieces I had started so the effort got a little hijacked. There is an age range of about 40 years in these pieces, from old lead to home resin prints. 


Shot Tower studios (even the cat)   

TTG - Table Top Games

I have TTG's food items and dinner wear but not their bigger table to put them on.

Metal Magic

Assorted Metal - From front to back - Citadel table and chest, Redoubt table and dinnerwear, Grenadier stuff on the right, Unknown stuff on the left, Sign posts from the Bruegelberg, Day at the Fair Kickstarter. 

Chests - Plastic game pieces, Don't know the games but they are large enough for Heroquest. 


Resin - large door by Fenryll, bar and counter by Fantasy Forge, magic Mouth doorways by Zealot.

Resin Prints: Fireplace by Loot Studios, Bed and Cauldron by V Victus, I need to start writing these down more as I have no clue who sculpted the heroic scale woodpile or the tiny doorway. The astrolabe is plastic, by Mantic  

Repainted prepainted Plastics - Doorways by Wizkids

And finally something animate:
Resin Print - Pile of Books Mimic by Dog-Einstein 

Finished in February in total:


Saturday, February 5, 2022

Kicking off 22 with some larger monsters

Not the only miniatures I worked on in January, but the ones I finished.

Something Old  

Minifigs AD&D Greyhawk series - 64 Aquatic Dragonnel

75mm Base

This wonderful creature was a Christmas present from my Old School miniatures Secret Santa. I had never seen it before but vowed to make it the first thing I painted this year. So it has been released from its packaging after 40 years and can be found lurking in coastal shallows and estuaries. 

Something New

Reaper Miniatures - Carnivorous Pudding 4406 -  Julie Guthrie 2019

Produced in smoke colored translucent plastic this giant beast required very little effort.
I magnetized it to allow it to be used off the 75mm base.

Something Borrowed

Grenadier - Fantasy Lords 138 Hippogriff - 1983

Color selection 100% stolen from the amazing Steve Dean 
(but I cant get close to his wonderfully clean style). See page 2 of the link below.

Some Blue Things

These dragons came to me painted - rather than strip them I opted to use the original color as a basecoat and rebase, repair and tweak.

Citadel DG4 - Black Dragon - Tom Meier 1984

Reaper - Cavern Crawler 02730 - Bob Olley

Date, as ever with Reaper, a mystery.


Wednesday, January 5, 2022

So Many Projects - a resolution update.

Its 2022 so my resolution to paint, on average, one pre-slotta Citadel miniature every week is now eleven years old.  This blog has received around 100,000 hits which seems surreal when you think this is only the 45th post - so an average of 4 posts per year (but with 18 posts in the first year the average is really more like only 2.5).  My resolution worked, I stuck with it and have painted and consistently based well over 600 old Citadel figs.   

Having put some energy into clearing the paint table for the end of the year, it is already getting crowded this week as I'm basing a couple of this years projects at once:

Assorted Monsters 

The batch I'm basing are mostly Grenadier and I'm putting in the 12 Fantasy Lords Dragon Men - lovely figs with loads of character who deserve better than the turquoise wash I gave them years ago.

Speaking of monsters I've painted quite a few C series monsters that have not made it into the blog so I'll put in a group shot at the end so this post in not completely devoid of new painted pictures. 

Citadel Fantasy Tribes

I have been working through the fantasy tribes sets - Orcs, Dwarves, Skeletons, Zombies, and Gnolls - and getting into the C series where there are overlaps - Those 5 sets have the consistent feature of multiple figures with the same pose. I'm going to use that as an excuse to put off the fighters till the C series. But the trolls do fit ,with Tom Meier's 6 contributions working from two basic figure poses. So I'm basing trolls for paint this year.

Villagers and Townsfolk 

Between multiple manufactures I have enough of these to populate a real village. They have always been a favorite to collect and they have been neglected for decades. The majority of them are not Citadel, and those that are are slotta based, so this project does not skew the year towards my annual resolution goal. 

Furniture and accessories

Its been zero days since my last treasure chest/doorway/table and I have no intention of stopping this binge. But I do want to paint all the vintage metal and resin pieces before I get further into the wonderful stuff coming out of my printer. But 99% of my Citadel stuff is done - so again, not helping find the 42 Citadel pieces after the Trolls.

So to round out the projects for 2022 with early Citadel my initial choices are: 

Early Goblins ("FTN", fanatics, chaos mutants, whatever I can find) 

Orcs - Finish the range with all the C Series armored orcs and the war machine   

DA/C26 Men at arms - Human Army 

    We will see which one or two of these, or if something else, grabs my imagination this year. Or if I really get into the villagers I might just decide 11 years was a pretty good run.



Assorted C Series Monsters painted over the last few years

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Accessories, Props, Scatter & Scenery

Since first posting Furniture and Accessories in 2017 it has been one of the most consistently popular hits on my blog. But that may just be the words in the title because I've had to deleate loads of comments that were trying to sell furniture. 

I dont have all of the peices released in the following collections from Citadel. But what I have is now painted. 

C39 Treasure Chests  (1984)

Mounted on washes as the small ones are tiny.

Chests on Square bases

DS3 Graveyard scene

7511 Tables

As well as all these nice Citadel pieces I have become so hooked on the stress free nature of painting furniture, doorways, and all of the other gubbins with which one can populate a 28mm fantasy world, its almost become a second hobby in its own right. 

Peices from many manufacturers and some 3D prints painted in 2020 amd 2021 respectively (there was more that didnt fit either of these pics, and I think only one thing managed to sneak into both pictures)

Furniture and accessories post from 2017:

Loads more accessories in the Citadel FS Range:

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Plastics Too

With this Blog now 10 years old I have been trying to wrap up some old projects this year. In 2017 I posted the heros from the various original "Quest" boardgames.

My HeroQuest set has been waiting 5 years for me to get back to it. The primary delay was that I wanted to have painted accessories rather than the original printed card. Various options had started to become available and this year I opted to enter the world of 3D printing specifically with HeroQuest furniture as an initial project for my bottom of the line Photon. 

The Monsters


 After some initial trial and error, my expectations of 3D printing were significantly exceeded. The universe of STL files and digital sculpts has been an enjoyable timesink. I really should have paid more attention initially to souces and sculptors as I dont know where many of these came from. Yes, I had a particularly squished copy of the fireplace so I cut out the portrait and the fire rather than paint them.

I also started on a few figs from another classic game (I never played); Dark World.

Over the last few years inexpensive plastics have been finding a place in my collection  Reaper Bones, Wizkids (even pre-painted), and miniatures from any game. - Mostly I focus on monsters. creatures and accessories because scale and proportion dont matter as much as with heros and NPCs - and these figures often have a very loose idea of scale. Consistent basing seems to be the key to make everything work together.

Reaper Bones

Various, mostly Wizkids

Friday, November 6, 2020

FTG - Fantasy Tribe Gnolls

Citadel Miniatures - 1980-1984

FTG 1 through 14 were released in the UK 1980-82
Many of this range came in multiple poses (marked with an asterix), others in just one.
Multi-pose figures came in many variants with different heads, weapons, etc. 

With Added Banner

Other Gnolls

Citadel figures with the same appearance, updated Nov 2021:

FTG The range was extended in US by Ral Partha with FTG 15 thru 19.
(though a couple are goblins not gnolls imho so they will be with the preslotta goblins when I get around to them) 

In the UK they were rolled into the new numbering system as C12 Great Goblins

Another Ral Partha release in the US - FF82 Kobold Hero - matches these figs
This figure also shows up in the C12 range.

 In the Second Compendium ten C12 poses were added

The Boar Riders were moved to the C21 code and illustrated in the First Compendium. Four new poses were added with rider and boar as single piece castings. I have three of them, two are in progress, one is stuck in the UK with my mum, I should put more effort into finding the fourth. I'll update this when I can show them.

Gnoll Army

Boar Cav

Infantry with hand weapons

Infantry command conversions
(Standard bearer idea stolen from David Wood)

Infanty Pole Weapons
(Many spear heads replaced over time)

Second Chariot, Conversion