Sunday, April 15, 2012

The goat is behind door number three!

OK - If you don't get the title and your geekdom enjoys the occasional stroll down nerd lane - look up "The Monty Hall Problem". There is a nice youtube video.

So doors and other dungeon accessories from the FS series (mostly) have come off my paint table this week.  They match the dungeon tiles set.

I need to retake several individual pictures with the remote cable as the smaller pieces were hard to focus and came out a bit blurred - here are the ones that didn't::

I'm heading to Adepticon on Thursady. I will be there all weekend in the role of staff photographer. Stop me and say hello if you are there. I'll be the guy with the camera and "Caius" on my name badge.  Cheers.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 1st - Surprised Demon

It's April - Three months into the year and my count is 32 finished out of 100 for the year (counting the double tiles). And I have about that many again based and started.

This guy has been on my workbench for well over a year - finally got the eyes where I wanted them.

FF1 The Fiend - He looks very surprised to me - maybe the victim of a April fools prank?

Also finished - Or perhaps a better term is abandoned since this guy is not the best sculpt and a pain in the butt to paint - FS11-1 Hunchback Beggar on Crutch.

Finally for this week - I added base details to the two FF7-1 death worms - Aren't they cute?

Cheers all - and Happy Spring