Monday, May 29, 2017

Making & Faking

Faking It

A couple of years ago I painted as close to a full set of the Citadel FS series 
as I could find. 

Having painted them I put them in foam lined trays. I made sure to allow space for the few missing pieces when I acquired them. Thus:

This month an FS22-1 Victim in Iron Cage came up on auction.

The only one I've ever noticed for sale.

I didn't win it  :-(

Despite bidding way more that I really wanted to pay for it


In the cold morning light where losers rationalize:

Well bugger! Short of some lucky fluke, I,m never going to own it; and besides its not that great a sculpt anyway; it was replaced in the range because it sucked so much; totally not worth that much $; its an object, not even person, it wouldn't be that hard to make one. . .

Bring me wire and green stuff!

Tray Now Complete

Making It

My 25mm -28mm miniatures are on round beveled edge bases. 

(Unless they are an old Warhammer regiment - they still get square) 

Typically since they are Pre-slotta recessed into the base. Then Green stuff cobbles are applied. I used to do it like this:

But now there are awesome pre-made hollow bases out there like these:

This has worked, well there are a large number of sizes available, even small and tiny ones for halflings and snotlings (Using the circles from the old Citadel 20mm and 25mm unit bases) 


Figures larger than 28mm (Prince august, Mithril, Reaper, and many wonderful new figures) I mount on lipped bases.

Lipped bases come in an amazing variety of sizes (measured to Outside Diameter)


There are no small 25mm size for halflings, and other small critters.

I have searched, there are 25mm small circles out there, but the scale of the lip does not match the others.

I scoured the internet, and then hardware stores for something appropriate.

Enough Talk - The rest is just pictures:

Please please tell me that was a complete waste of time and 25mm diameter, deep lipped bases are available somewhere.