Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Torchlight Resin Accessories

When I bought Games Workshop's Dungeon Floor Plans my games (usually Tunnels and Trolls) went from being largely abstract to a full experience, My growing collection of mostly Citadel miniatures populated a realm suddenly much easier to understand. Although I never felt the necessity to move past the 2D floor plans and into a fully 3D realm, doorways and furnishings were suddenly of interest. These resin pieces were bought in a single purchase from Torchlight after sending an SSAE for their mail order catalog. That I still have almost all of them nearly 40 years later is remarkable. Particularly when I think of the all lead I lost or mistreated over the years.

I decided not to repaint the Tomb - So its shown with its original Humbrol and Airfix enamel teen applied paint job.

C13 is missing a small cupboard. The extra bed in the top pic was modified with greenstuff

The full range is on display here: https://torchlightresin.webs.com/