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Citadel Preslotta Orcs - C15 and C16

In early 1983 the Citadel Dragon Catalog recategorized most of the FTO Fantasy Tribe Orcs, based on their weapon type, into new codes C15 and C16.  

Those figures were supplimented by the C15 Armoured Orcs released later that year and the C16 Orcs released in 1984

In 1985 these were all phased out as the first slotta tab orcs were reased.

C15 Armoured Orcs

Released in Aug 1983 the C15 Armoured Orcs were an immediate favorite (of mine anyway) due to the detail, range of poses and odd mix of weapons and armour. 

Releasing new figures, including some new varients of previously relased sculpts, mixed with older similar models created confusion among those who like to put everything into neat categories or are trying to collect a complete set. While collectors might be frustrated by trying to untangle this, dont be fooled, actually we love this sort of shit. Here is my take regarding what is included in this set (Catalog page from Citadel's First Compendium catalog Oct 1983). Your opinions may vary.

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C16 Orcs

The First CitdelCompendium showed a variety the previously released Fantasy Tribe Orcs

The Second Compendium added new sculpts, several of which were alternate versions of previous

 releases, both FTO and Regiment of Renown RR5 

My Fantasy Tribe orcs range and orc preslotta regiments are here:

Some selected extra views

Index of my galleries of Citadel Preslotta sets (mostly)

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  1. Terrific! The armoured orcs and their close cousins in the first C15 slottabased range are the very zenith of Citadel orcdom, I think. And they look fantastic here!