Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Citadel Undead - FTS, FTZ, C18 & C21

FTS - Fantasy Tribe Skeletons

Citadel Miniatures - 1982-1984

Many of this range came in multiple poses (marked with an asterix), others in just one.
Multi-pose figures came in typically 4 or 5 variants with different helmets, cloaks, etc. 

Figures sequentially after FTS18 were released in the US by Ral Partha using these codes. In the UK they were rolled into the new system as C17 Skeletons. The FTS undead riders are below.

Note that skeletons who appeared in the FF range are not duplicated here.
My photography has improved since 2014.

FTZ - Fantasy Tribe Zombies

Citadel Miniatures - 1982-1984

There are only 8 main poses in this range with a huge amount of variety within each pose.

The ones at the bottom are late editions release in the US as part of the FS range. 
In the UK they were rolled into the C18 Undead code. And I've added the wonderful zombie from the 1983 Monsters box set. 

C18 Undead

Citadel Miniatures 1983

Another short lived range that rolled in many of the FF undead - see link above
 and added new ghosts, wraiths and spectres. I don't have them all so this is a representative sample
with a couple of FF repaints.

C21 Undead Riders

Citadel Miniatures 1983

Very Short lived range (at the tail end of pre slotta bases) - appearing only in the First Compendium.

A few of the FF & US FTS codes were rolled into this.

I'm currently working on the wonderful FTG Gnolls. But if you follow this regularly you know not to hold your breath. Three posts in 2020 is more than the two previous years combined!

Cheers and happy painting