Sunday, April 9, 2023


 Another year another batch of  Dungeon Accessories

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Only two early Citadel in this batch. FS4-1 Living wall (this one painted with oozing slime, I have another thats seeping blood).  Also finally I have a real copy of FS22 Victim in Iron Cage.

Previously I made my own. 2017 post about that exercise is here:

This finally completes the FS Set for me

Other than those, I focused on painting doors and braziers.

So.. my wife comes up from the basement, where I have covered a table with minitures I'm sorting,  cataloging, and you know, generally obsessing over, and she says why the f... do you need three trays of doors?  And I think to myself "she only noticed three..."

I've kinda burned through (painted) most of my old school metal furniture and accessories over the last couple of years. I still have some metal magic and an assortment of others but really, how many tavern bars do i really need. The pile is now mostly Reaper, Mantic, Archon, Wizkids and resin prints.

In answer to my wife's question: I am an architect - I need all the effing doors!

These are a real mix of old and new.

I labled this tray "Firelight"

Ok back to orcs - maybe in a month I'll have some to share.