Friday, November 6, 2020

FTG - Fantasy Tribe Gnolls

Citadel Miniatures - 1980-1984

FTG 1 through 14 were released in the UK 1980-82
Many of this range came in multiple poses (marked with an asterix), others in just one.
Multi-pose figures came in many variants with different heads, weapons, etc. 

With Added Banner

Other Gnolls

Citadel figures with the same appearance, updated Nov 2021:

FTG The range was extended in US by Ral Partha with FTG 15 thru 19.
(though a couple are goblins not gnolls imho so they will be with the preslotta goblins when I get around to them) 

In the UK they were rolled into the new numbering system as C12 Great Goblins

Another Ral Partha release in the US - FF82 Kobold Hero - matches these figs
This figure also shows up in the C12 range.

 In the Second Compendium ten C12 poses were added

The Boar Riders were moved to the C21 code and illustrated in the First Compendium. Four new poses were added with rider and boar as single piece castings. I have three of them, two are in progress, one is stuck in the UK with my mum, I should put more effort into finding the fourth. I'll update this when I can show them.

Gnoll Army

Boar Cav

Infantry with hand weapons

Infantry command conversions
(Standard bearer idea stolen from David Wood)

Infanty Pole Weapons
(Many spear heads replaced over time)

Second Chariot, Conversion

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Citadel Undead - FTS, FTZ, C18 & C21

FTS - Fantasy Tribe Skeletons

Citadel Miniatures - 1982-1984

Many of this range came in multiple poses (marked with an asterix), others in just one.
Multi-pose figures came in typically 4 or 5 variants with different helmets, cloaks, etc. 

Figures sequentially after FTS18 were released in the US by Ral Partha using these codes. In the UK they were rolled into the new system as C17 Skeletons. The FTS undead riders are below.

Note that skeletons who appeared in the FF range are not duplicated here.
My photography has improved since 2014.

FTZ - Fantasy Tribe Zombies

Citadel Miniatures - 1982-1984

There are only 8 main poses in this range with a huge amount of variety within each pose.

The ones at the bottom are late editions release in the US as part of the FS range. 
In the UK they were rolled into the C18 Undead code. And I've added the wonderful zombie from the 1983 Monsters box set. 

C18 Undead

Citadel Miniatures 1983

Another short lived range that rolled in many of the FF undead - see link above
 and added new ghosts, wraiths and spectres. I don't have them all so this is a representative sample
with a couple of FF repaints.

C21 Undead Riders

Citadel Miniatures 1983

Very Short lived range (at the tail end of pre slotta bases) - appearing only in the First Compendium.

A few of the FF & US FTS codes were rolled into this.

I'm currently working on the wonderful FTG Gnolls. But if you follow this regularly you know not to hold your breath. Three posts in 2020 is more than the two previous years combined!

Cheers and happy painting


Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Torchlight Resin Accessories

When I bought Games Workshop's Dungeon Floor Plans my games (usually Tunnels and Trolls) went from being largely abstract to a full experience, My growing collection of mostly Citadel miniatures populated a realm suddenly much easier to understand. Although I never felt the necessity to move past the 2D floor plans and into a fully 3D realm, doorways and furnishings were suddenly of interest. These resin pieces were bought in a single purchase from Torchlight after sending an SSAE for their mail order catalog. That I still have almost all of them nearly 40 years later is remarkable. Particularly when I think of the all lead I lost or mistreated over the years.

I decided not to repaint the Tomb - So its shown with its original Humbrol and Airfix enamel teen applied paint job.

C13 is missing a small cupboard. The extra bed in the top pic was modified with greenstuff

The full range is on display here:



Saturday, May 30, 2020

Beyond Fiend Factory

Creatures on 40mm Round Bases

I tend to sort and store painted miniatures by base size.
A full tray is such a pretty thing,

I've been gradually filling the empty slots in this tray of 40mm rounds left by the FF range with doubles and other Citadel pre slot creatures like the C22's. I have also filled a similar tray with creatures by other manufacturers. Did you notice the one not painted? You can never have enough Giant spiders. 

So this post is not a set (there are several of those in progress) and its not all Citadel. 
I have stuck to vintage pieces in 25mm.
I've also spent some time working out how to get better shots out of my little Canon M.