Sunday, March 26, 2017

Citadel FF Series - US Extension

This month I went back to Citadel 25mm Pre Slottas after a couple of 
Working in 32mm (Prince August and Reaper).

I have finished off the Citadel FF series ( ) with the American Extension. These were sold in the US by Ral Partha under their Imports label.

Some of these packs Are not unique - I'm not showing the repackaged FS Tiles
Some were issued as part of the Runequest Range
Some of the Miniatures are not Citadel - but Ral Partha Sculpts.


  1. Some of those bring back memories....and some I've never seen before. Amazing painting, well done.

  2. Most excellent painting and basing. You are doing true honor to all this pieces of gaming history.

  3. Love the mounted wraith! Tons of character in that one.

  4. Excellent, and thanks for sharing, I am now collecting up and painting the original fantasy adventurers range after seeing your post. Thanks

  5. I only just stumbled upon this blog and would just like to say: yes, yes YES!


  6. Wow…outstanding service and products to meet our office needs. I Love all and the colors you choose are perfect. I want this furniture for my new house. Thanks a lot for sharing