Monday, March 6, 2017

Gentle change of format:
I'll post whatever I'm working on
Not just Pre-slotta Citadel

Prince August Miniatures
January and February 2017

CH2 Mailed Elf

CH4 Hooded Thief

CH9 Armored Cleric

CH12 Halflings

CH14 Ranger

CH15 Paladin

CH18 Dwarf

CH19 Enchantress

CH21 Female Fighter

CH24B Magic User

CH25B Cleric

CH28 Ranger

CH33 Fighter Thief

CH36 Bard

CH37 Female Mage

GB6 Goblin

GB7 Goblins (GB1, GB2, GB3)

RM4 Hill Troll

UN3 Wraith King

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