Monday, August 7, 2023

Citadel's Preslotta Goblins - A Start

I'm moving on to Citadel's Preslotta Goblins

Trying to compile a complete list of Citadel preslotta goblins released after Fiend Factory is something of a challenge. It includes the following:

Box set - SS4 Goblin Raiding Party (10)
Regiment of Renown - RR3 Groms Goblin Guard (4 unique)
C21 Wolf Riders (the ones that are not gnolls)
C27 Goblin Mutants (set of 10)
C27 Goblin Fanatics (Set of 7) (possible overlap with C13)
A couple of the late FTG/C12 figs that are more goblin than gnoll 
A couple of FTE - Evil Leaders
A couple from assorted monster box sets (overlap with FF)
Second Compendium C13 Night Goblins (set of 10)
FTN Gnomes/Night goblins 
(4 goblin figs of the 6 listed in the Ral Partha Imports catalogue US) 

and then we get to

First Compendium C13 Night Goblins

Which are a mess!

The Dragon Catalogue listed them but didn't illustrate them

and the First Compendium shows relatively new night goblins mixed with goblins from at least 7 other sets

Click on the images to enlarge them

I thought about trying to label the catalog page as provided but decided it would be better to reorganize as follows:

So...   Have I missed any?

I'd be interested to hear if I'm mistaken about anything listed above

(I'm not including the Runequest Trollkin or the Lesser goblins)