Monday, April 6, 2015

Citadel Miniatures
FS Series

Shown roughly to scale (which means they are out of order for convenience)

And - Its not quite all of them 
1. I don't have FS22 Victim in Iron Cage Hanging fro Gibbet (someone sell it to me, hunt me down on facebook there cannot be that many Caius's)

2. I have not painted any of the nudes - This is not from prudishness, I just don't have them all, and -IF- I get around to painting them it will be all together as a matching set (also I'm not interested in shelling out what they go for as they are mostly utterly crap sculpts).

Cheers and Enjoy



  1. Another amazing update of the great pre-slotta stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lovely, lovely work. Curious, are the minis in this Citadel series 25mm or 28mm?

    1. The early Citadel ranges are 25mm scale


  3. Wow…outstanding service and products to meet our office needs. I Love all and the colors you choose are perfect. I want this furniture for my new house. Thanks a lot for sharing