Saturday, February 5, 2022

Kicking off 22 with some larger monsters

Not the only miniatures I worked on in January, but the ones I finished.

Something Old  

Minifigs AD&D Greyhawk series - 64 Aquatic Dragonnel

75mm Base

This wonderful creature was a Christmas present from my Old School miniatures Secret Santa. I had never seen it before but vowed to make it the first thing I painted this year. So it has been released from its packaging after 40 years and can be found lurking in coastal shallows and estuaries. 

Something New

Reaper Miniatures - Carnivorous Pudding 4406 -  Julie Guthrie 2019

Produced in smoke colored translucent plastic this giant beast required very little effort.
I magnetized it to allow it to be used off the 75mm base.

Something Borrowed

Grenadier - Fantasy Lords 138 Hippogriff - 1983

Color selection 100% stolen from the amazing Steve Dean 
(but I cant get close to his wonderfully clean style). See page 2 of the link below.

Some Blue Things

These dragons came to me painted - rather than strip them I opted to use the original color as a basecoat and rebase, repair and tweak.

Citadel DG4 - Black Dragon - Tom Meier 1984

Reaper - Cavern Crawler 02730 - Bob Olley

Date, as ever with Reaper, a mystery.



  1. Brilliant stuff as usual! That Minifigs piece is really weird isn’t it!

  2. The Bob Olley cavern crawler is a renamed version of the classic behir, from S4 Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth. It was wonderfully illustrated by Erol Otus on the cover:

    I've not seen a painted Aquatic Dragonnel to date, and am surprised how undead-ishly skeletal it looks. I suppose that's an exoskeleton of sorts on it?? Regardless, your coloring was masterful and makes it blend into the water nicely (as a whale does).


  3. Great work on some classic sculpts, both old and new.

  4. These are superb - especially the dragonnel!