Saturday, September 24, 2016

Citadel Preslotta Dark Elves

Some of my favorite figures of all time. 

Box Set - SS3 Night Elf Patrol - 1982
Plus a couple a couple of hangers on

C09 Series Dark Elves - 1984

C21 - Dark Elf Cold One Riders - 1984

Regiment of Renown RR4 - Mengil Manhides Dark Elf Company - 1984
2 units of 20


  1. Just a spectacular array - a magnificent collection. Thank you for posting these pictures for those of us who admire them!

  2. Wow- I've never seen these, and to see them in such great paint jobs to boot. Like finding a lost Da Vinci. Interesting how the updated Maurader Dark elves followed so many of these designs.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. You're back in style! I knew not to lose the faith :)

    1. Seriously, that is a thing of beauty. Well done. Would love to see the whole battle group together!

  4. Yeah, that's the stuff that got mee into fantasy wargaming.

  5. Excellent painting. Love the bases as well. Nice to see them finally painted up - mine still languish in their storage containers.....

  6. These are great! Cool figures that are beautifully painted with excellent color choices. The kind of minis that make me stop and say, "Oh wow," as I press my face closer to the screen. I love them.

  7. I just love these posts documenting these old gems!!!
    Many thanks!/Hans

  8. Just discovered this old post and i am amazed by your style. I am actually starting this same painting challenge so i was looking for inspiration. I would only ask for higher definition pictures. Miniatures are so rough in their sculp that you may mish some details unlñess somebody points at it with their painting.... Would this be posible???

    Thank you