Sunday, July 31, 2011


There have been many times I have wondered why did I pick non metallic metals for this project. Quite a few of those times were this weekend. I got in many hours of painting but not many figures actually complete. Two almost complete miniatures I decided had gone too far in the wrong direction to be saved and were sent into the vat of simple green to start afresh.

The answer I guess is to push myself and make it challenging. I have to admit I am finding it to be just that. These three pieces have emerged today at the finished-enough-to-post phase and I would welcome comments and critique.



Fighter in Plate Mail with Sword

FA19-1 Female Fighter with Sword
FF17 Minotaur
(Axe replaced)


  1. All three look good.

    The Plate armour suffers from a lack of contrast because it's all metal.

    Suits of armour are nice and shiney now, but when they were being worn they would have been blued, painted, or even enameled (eg.g.

    It looks a bit blue in the photo tho, so I'd be happy with it and move onto the next challenge :-)

  2. (1) The Fighter in plate mail : I'd like to see other pictures showing the back and shield please.

    (2) Minotaur : Nice ...really like the choice of white for the robe....perhaps the flesh is a little to 'pink' for my liking...thats just picky though.

    (3) Female fighter : Not in love with the flesh tone here...needs more lightening in my view.

    Overall - another fab trio! Bravo!

  3. One of the things I read alot about NMM is that you need striking contrast between your lights and darks. So get your brights brighter and your darks darker and I think you will have it!!! Looking good and making me itchin to paint.

  4. Extra pic added for Adam - showing the fighters shield - there is not a lot more to the rear - its all backpack.


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