Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Savage Sword of FA9

FA9-1: Its difficult to paint any barbarian with this kind of haircut and not recall the work of Frazetta, Boris, and everyone who did covers for The Savage Sword of Conan comic. So we have to have a girl in the scene and who better than FA20 - Houri with dagger. I have some Frazetta books and looking though them recently marveled at his use of colored light - green and purple hitting skin tones that set such great moods. For a set piece or diorama one could duplicate that style but for for the average single fig maybe not so much.

It's not what is about to come through that door he should be worried about

And one more with my typical background color to match the rest

I'm already regretting the pink - maybe I'll change it to a nice bright teal or something 



  1. Based on your comments on colour over the last couple of posts, have you thought about getting yourself a colour wheel and trying for Triadic schemes? It's an easy way to put a little bit more oomphh into a mini.

  2. Interesting - I don't tend to think in triads - but I do have a pretty fancy colorwheel - and will try out triads on some of the FA figs I have been struggling to settle on colors for.


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