Saturday, July 9, 2011

Monsters Monsters

Monsters Monsters

And if you remember and or owned the Tunnels and Trolls book of the same name I tip my hat to you.

These three large guys have been on my painting table for months - It feels really nice to have them finished.

The Crabman (FF4-1) was particularly challenging with large areas and really not a lot of detail. I started painting him (as described in the Fiend Folio "reddish brown" but he really did't look aquatic enough. So I started over and am much happier with blue green body contrasting with the orange patina on the shell.

The larger bases on monsters take more work and some invention or they look very plain - but I don't feel that base details or color should distract from the miniature. I have a shell and (though its hard to see) some spongy coral stuff behind the Crabman, The Phantom Stalker (FF5-1) has tendrils of melted plastic sprue rising from the ground (I wanted "elemental plane of fire" but subtle) and the Two headed ogre (FF16-2) gets twigs that match the bleached wood look of his clubs, leaves and some Spanish moss I gathered on a vacation years ago.




  1. Bravo ! Bravo !

    Caius - you have done a brilliant paint job on these wonderful old figures, and managed to bring them to life all over again!
    I particularly like the Crabman- very good selection of colours and blending ...and the base really sets it off well (loving the shell and coral). Both the 2 headed ogre and Invisible Stalker really good too - although I prefer the Stalker myself. Only 1 thing ...I think the base on the ogre is not as good as the others ...perhaps the wood looks a little too 'real' in comparison to the clubs....but hey...thats just a minor minor picky point for what is a brillient trio!
    Well done!


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