Saturday, July 2, 2011


At the end of last year – with my resolution in mind – I set about working out what the standard would be for the 52 challenge – paint style, NNM and basing.

I decided to practice, and rather than use Citadel figs’ I choose several from the Grenadier D&D gold line.

I was a Citadel snob very early on. Even at 15 I remember looking at the various offerings in the Waterloo hobby shop on long Island and being less than satisfied by the large assortment of crudely formed lead that were citadel’s early contemporaries.  I bought the Grenadier dwarf box set and painted them with testers paint (which is by far the worst paint ever in the history of paint – early cave dwellers had better products available) and then applied hacksaw and soldering iron to them to make “modifications and improvements” a few months later when I went back to the UK I think only two were left.  

But I must be going soft as I’ve started adding the gold line back into my collection – I’ll even concede that there are a few nice ones

Anyway - I figured if I could make these look good…



  1. great job with those classics!

    I've recently unearthed a trove of older grenadier stuff from storage.
    I was mulling over ebaying them, but seeing this has made me rethink that in favor of cleaning them and doing them up right for sort of a nostalgic art display.

    Thanks man!

  2. Great paint work!

    To be honest I always thought that mid to later Grenadier were better than Citadel... but your paint job has shown that even the early figures were pretty good!

    Keep up the great work!


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