Saturday, July 16, 2011

Three monsters in one

FF34 - Chimaera

Weird spelling but apparently correct - This figure is another I started months ago and am very pleased to have finished. Determining a "realistic" paint scheme (looking up pictures of lionesses and goats) and then executing it made this at least as much work as three miniatures. But I guess it only counts as one. Other than the two dragons which have barely got past the priming, basing and pinning phase this was probably the most complex of the 52 figures I'm working on.


Added just for Adam: Not much of a tail.  If it is supposed to have more than this it is long lost. 


  1. Another REALLY good job on this great old figure...well done. I particularly like the lioness....and the blending work.
    One question please - Whats happened to his tail it still there?

  2. Thanks for the extra picc - appreciated.
    I dug my old copy of this figure out last night...and it's got the same stumpy tail ...and has always been that way I think. So I guess it still has all the original bits then! Well done on the paint job once again.


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