Sunday, July 24, 2011

Angel with a hangover?

The FF31-1 Satanic Angel has been a very challenging piece. Mine still needs some base work but it is just about finished:

 I started absolutely clueless for a color scheme. He is supposed to be "Satanic" so the obvious would be reds, browns and maybe black wings (If I find another I might try that I suppose) but I think he would get lost among all the bat winged demons. 

He has a squished broad face beneath high domed forehead and though full of character it is hard to take this figure seriously.  I can only assume that the sculptor was inspired (knowingly or not)  by Eagle comics Mekon - Dan Dare's nemesis.  And I'm sure if i had picked green the likeness would be striking.

But then the Mekon doesn't have wings - he is an early proponent of the flying disc (Eat your heart out green goblin)
(Mekon: 1950, Green Goblin: 1965, I looked them up)

Blue was another color I considered - but...

My Mum suggested gold for Servants of the Gods - and in the end I went with that general idea:

Cheers, Caius


  1. You've done a great job with very difficult subject matter. I love the paint colour selection for the skin and wings. Perhaps a slightly different colour for the robe (pale violet fading down to light purple maybe?) would make this pop more....but then im not sure it wants to pop actually. Very tough model to paint indeed! Nice to remember Dan Dare and the Mekon too! Cheers - Bravo!


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