Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 1st - Surprised Demon

It's April - Three months into the year and my count is 32 finished out of 100 for the year (counting the double tiles). And I have about that many again based and started.

This guy has been on my workbench for well over a year - finally got the eyes where I wanted them.

FF1 The Fiend - He looks very surprised to me - maybe the victim of a April fools prank?

Also finished - Or perhaps a better term is abandoned since this guy is not the best sculpt and a pain in the butt to paint - FS11-1 Hunchback Beggar on Crutch.

Finally for this week - I added base details to the two FF7-1 death worms - Aren't they cute?

Cheers all - and Happy Spring



  1. Some really rough chaps this time around. The death worms are awesome, but that beggar is more of a completeist piece, isn't he? =) The demon is cool though, albeit a tad non-descript. How big is he? A group shot would've been nice. =)


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