Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Furniture and Accessories

I always have had a special fondness for furniture, doors and other accessories. There is an element of classic and essential childhood play about arranging tables and chairs, a treasure chest, and a pile of barrels on a 4" cardboard square. I remember wanting to collect enough to properly furnish the bar room brawl games in White Dwarf. To do so I modeled detailed tables from balsa (some had tiny pegged joints) painted them, and cut cylindrical plastic sprue into bottles and beer tankards. 

However, unlike the metal characters and creatures who I have neatly organized and cataloged - the furniture was designated a separate box - all manufacturers mixed together.

Having started on some doors as part of the plastic games figures I painted last month, I decided to continue in that vein and selected a large batch of assorted furniture from the box(s) - Though I did pick out all the Citadel pieces.

6 weeks later and they are done:

Citadel - metal 

I added bases added to the small chests (C39), braziers (DS2), and the loo (LE13)
The four chests on Square bases were sculpted that way (C39 1984) 
The Bookshelves, Couch, and assorted tables are DS2
I also had got them in blisters marked 7511 no idea about that coding

(To see the Citadel FS range of furniture and accessories go back my single post in 2015)

Early Board Games - plastic - GW

Warhammer Quest large doorway with DarkWorld door 
Advanced HeroQuest doorways
HeroQuest weapons racks
DarkWorld chest

Reaper Bones

Sacks, jars, and treasure chest and candelabra - based
Altar of Evil, Pillars of Good and Evil
Large barrel and crates
Well of Chaos

Dungeon Saga (Mantic)

Double door, single doors, portcullis
table, bookshelves, alchemist's cupboard, well

Conan Game (Monolith)
Cupboard and Crates

Assorted Old Metal

Summoning Circle - Grenadier
Bed - Ral Partha 32-011
Rack - RAFM

And now we come to the problem of having them all in a box together
I have no clue what the others are. 

Bar and back shelves -  had it for 35 years
Large ornate table with matching chairs
Large table with food
Small table with food
and the chests - based 

If you know please let me know through the comments or Facebook

Lots more furniture and accessories to go.
But next I need to work on something without lots of wood!



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